Patrick Rothfuss Is A Precious Treasure And Should Be Protected At All Costs

Patrick Rothfuss NaNoWriMo Pep Talk 2013

Patrick Rothfuss is a gift to mankind and if you don’t believe me, here are just a few gems from his pep talk in 2013:

  • “So. You’re awesome. You know that, right? We’re all writers here. We’re awesome by definition. Consider yourself cheered.”
  • “Thou shalt write. No. Stop. You don’t need to clean out the fridge right now. Neither dost thou need to sort the recycling. I’m not even kidding. Go and write.”
  • “When I did NaNoWriMo a couple years ago, I moved back and forth between my start-from-scratch project and the third book in my trilogy. Why? Because I had a brilliant idea for a scene in Book Three. Something that I was excited to write.  Why would I ignore that impulse? When you’re enthusiastic, the writing comes quick and easy. And do you think my editor cried any tears that I’d broken that particular rule? Do you think my readers were pissed? No. No they weren’t.  So I say unto you: Follow your enthusiasm.



It’s That Time of Year Again…


National Novel Writing Month 2014!

This year, my goal is to write 50,000 words of fanfiction… but not all of the same work.  I know, it’s like I’ve lost my mind, but I have a TON of unfinished first drafts that desperately need to be finished, for my own peace of mind if nothing else.  So my goal is to work on these unfinished fanfics, hopefully completing at least two or three of them and getting them off my plate so I can concentrate on other things (like my unfinished original novels that are also piling up rapidly ;P).

For your perusal, here is a list of the stories I intend to work on in November:

  • Changing History:  Search for the Entwives (Lord of the Rings)

I’ve only been working on this Lord of the Rings series since the dawn of time (FIFTEEN YEARS, HOLY MOLY!), I’m ready to wrap it up and have a nice, clean conclusion for Melody and Boromir 🙂  This is Priority One, since I’ve been promising this final installment to my readers (and myself) for something close to three years now…

  • The Washerwoman’s Daughter (BBC’s The Musketeers)

This is a new story, for a new series that a friend of mine and I have only recently (in the last two months or so) started obsessing about.  I’m putting this story on the list because #1- it’s going to be awesome, and #2- I’m writing it for someone I know in real life, which makes it a pretty high priority for me 🙂

  • Double the Baggins, Twice the Took (The Hobbit)

This is a story I have been quietly obsessing about all summer.  It was unintentionally my Camp NaNoWriMo project in July (I’m not joking, this story has so ingrained itself on my brain that I accidentally wrote over 50,000 words before I even knew what I’d done!).  It’s somehow turned itself into a sprawling epic in my head, one that will easily rival Changing History, but I’m hoping that it won’t take me another fifteen years to complete it.  I’m wanting to finish this first part of what I’m sure will become a series before the final Peter Jackson film premieres in theaters.

  • Will We Ever Have Paradise? (Bruce Banner, Worth Living For 2)

Some of you may have read my post regarding this story last weekend.  Yes, it’s actually happening.  No, I don’t know when it’ll be finished.  It’s probably going to be relatively short, but then again, I seem incapable of writing anything that normal people might consider “short” 😛

  • Clarity of Heart (Loki, Thor: The Dark World)

This is another story that’s been rattling around in my brain for a while (basically since I saw The Dark World in theaters so, what?  Last November?  Dang…).  I have a few scenes and a basic plot down, but I’m planning to try to incorporate this into a larger universe of Avengers fics, so I’d like to get this finished before, you know, Avengers 2… or 3…

So, there it is, the five fics I have chosen to work on in November!  If I can just finish two or three I will be so thrilled, I swear to god…  If anyone has encouraging words or would just like to cheer me on, I would be so, so grateful, you have no idea… 😀

I’ll keep everyone apprised of my progress!

*On a marginally related side-note:  I LOVE the Victorian/Steampunk NaNo design this year and I will most likely be spending ungodly amounts of money buying ALL OF THE MERCH, because of REASONS!

I mean, look at this stuff:


Isn’t it neat?


Wouldn’t this make my collection complete?


(See what I did there?  See it? ;P)


So Many Plots, So Little Time

So, for some reason that will never fully be explained, right in the middle of working on The Last Big Rewrite for “Changing History” (which is being posted to AO3 as I go, btw), I suddenly developed the uncontrollable urge to start jotting down my ideas for my “Worth Living For” in Bora Bora one-shot.


Five hundred words of first draft now written.  God help me, THE PLOT BUNNIES WILL BE MY UNDOING!!!


On another note, tentative title as of right now:

“Will We Ever Have Paradise?”

Thoughts?  I know it’s not much to go on, but if anyone has any really great quotes about/relating-to/with-the-word “paradise”, drop me a line please?