A Peek Behind The Curtain- August 2016

Well here it is, the newest addition to the blogging round up! And honestly, I’m a little freaked out. I’ve seen posts like this before. And they usually made me feel something like this:


But I think this could be good. It’s actual proof that I’m working on something, especially my original fiction, which tends to stay nestled in a deep, dark hole on my hard drive, never to be seen by the eyes of another living soul, until I’ve convinced myself that it’s complete crap and given up on it. No more! Well, hopefully no more ;P

The rules of this post are real simple. Below, you will find a sample of what I’ve been working on the past month. Sometimes it will be original, sometimes fanfiction, sometimes edited, sometimes not. It all depends on what has been occupying my time lately. So without further ado (and before I lose my nerve), let’s take a Peek Behind The Curtain!

Wonderland Reclaimed (Book 3): Through The Looking Glass

Alice kept to the path before her, her eyes and ears open. She knew that Bridget would not go far, and that she would be back in less than two minutes, but still being alone in the forest made her skin crawl. She saw imaginary shadows moving at the edges of her vision, and forced herself to keep walking, glancing to either side with jerky, nervous movements. Madge hadn’t wanted to leave her with the jay March, but she hadn’t really been given a choice. Dedra didn’t trust Madge to keep to her word, and so had insisted on accompanying the Hatter herself. Carlisle and Jaxson had paired up instantly, leaving Alice with Bridget as a searching partner. There was very little distress among the group, if you didn’t count Dedra, shifting nervously and vibrating dangerously every so often. But Alice was worried despite herself. She had been out alone in these woods not so long ago. She wouldn’t wish being lost out here on anyone, not even the heir to the Reds.

The Caterpillar’s words echoed back to her: You focus too much on the bad, Alice-that-might-be. The Reds had done terrible things, she knew that. But had the Whites been all that much better? Had they not sentenced all the people out here in the Tulgey to death, death by neglect, by abandonment? She thought of Mal and his family, the family that had died out here in the Tulgey, in fear and desperation. And for what? For the crime of being born with magic? For being different? How was that any more justified than a beheading over the color of some roses?

Bridget burst out of a clump of brush and Alice ducked, her heart pounding in her chest. She felt a pulse and then the girl was standing beside her, an arm on her elbow.

“Oh Alice, I’m sorry!” the girl exclaimed, bending over her, “I didn’t mean to startle you!”

Alice swallowed and managed to catch her breath.

“It’s… It’s okay,” she said finally, “Just jumpy that’s all.”

And that’s it for now! Tune in next month for more progress (hopefully)!