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Results of My Full-Time Writing Venture

Well, if anyone follows me on Twitter, you will recall that I was not very enthusiastic about the outcome of my full-time writer experiment.  I’ll get right down to it.  I calculated it up and on average I only worked on my writing projects 3.3 hours per day.  That is a far cry from the eight hour a day goal I had set for myself.  But after taking a couple of weeks to reflect on it and allow the sinking disappointment and inevitable self-loathing to dissipate, I have decided that it is just the beginning.  If I give up now, how will I ever improve?  And so starting next week, I will begin fresh and I will set a goal of beating my time from the last week.  I think it’s definitely achievable considering I didn’t work at all on that Friday because I was packing for vacation.  I’m still hopelessly optimistic about the entire situation.  If I can improve even a little bit, it would be a huge step for me.  So I’m looking forward to continuing my experiment and keeping all of you updated on my progress in the coming weeks!  I wish everyone out there a successful week, whatever your goals are.  And if anyone has any suggestions that might improve my performance, feel free to leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you!

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