Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- August 2018


How is everyone doing? I’m pretty great, I think. I made some progress last month, I have a few plans for the coming month(s). Things don’t currently suck 🙂


Let’s take a look!


What I’ve Accomplished This Month




  • WordKeeperAlpha total- 14,539 words

Hey, look at that! I actually exceeded my goal by almost two thousand words!



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An Exciting Announcement!

So, I’ve known about this for a minute, but I’ve been having trouble processing it. Here’s the deal: one of my short stories, “Purple Shoes”,  has been accepted into an anthology.


Yeah, like a real, honest-to-god person, looked at my little story and said: “Yes, this is good, we want this.”


Yeah, the anthology is on pre-order here, and the book goes live in September. I’m still in a little bit of shock, honestly. Here, let me give you guys an accurate representation of me after I read the acceptance email:


So, yeah, check it out! It’s a cute little story and I’ve already read a few of the others and they’re pretty good too 🙂 Okay, I’m gonna go back to processing my shock now.



Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- IDK 2018

So, here’s the deal, pickle. I haven’t blogged since like May…or June…something. I can’t even remember. I’m gonna try to get us caught up here, so this post is probably gonna be looooooooonnnggggg…


What I’ve Accomplished These Months




  • WordKeeperAlpha total (June)- 40,037 words
  • WordKeeperAlpha total (July)– 36,285 words

Okay, I don’t even remember what my goals were, hold on, let me check…


Well, I got one of these, so I must have done pretty good!


We’re just gonna hit the highlights this time (since I’m so far behind), but let’s go ahead and break it down just to see how it all worked out.

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Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- May 2018

I’m back, baby!


For the first time in over six months, I actually feel good about my writing. It’s been so long…so long…

Anyway, let’s take a look at what happened in May! 😀

What I’ve Accomplished This Month


  • WordKeeperAlpha total- 37,126 words

Look at that chart! Look at it!


Here we go, let’s break it down!

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Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- April 2018

So…here we are again.



At least it hasn’t been over a month…so…there’s that.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what happened in April! 😀

What I’ve Accomplished This Month



  • WordKeeperAlpha total- 50,476 words


So…what had happened was…I didn’t actually suck at this as bad as I thought I would 🙂 Let’s break it down!

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Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- March 2018

…has it seriously been over a month since I blogged???


Sorry guys. I know that my life sort of fell apart, but that in itself is not incredibly unusual (as long-time readers are probably aware).

Anyway, we’re just gonna jump right in and pretend that’s normal. Okay? Okay.

What I’ve Accomplished This Month

WKA March 18

  • WordKeeperAlpha total- 35,086 words

So, I know the graph looks bad, but look! I made my goal!


Weekend binging is apparently the method of the moment for the second month in a row. Blessings on Imaginary Boyfriend for putting up with me (again). However, the individual goals didn’t work out quite the way I expected. Let’s break it down!
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Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- February 2018

Here I am!


I did some things, let’s talk about it and stuff.

What I’ve Accomplished This Month



  • WordKeeperAlpha total- 78,490 words

I beat my goal of 75k!


As you can probably see, I did a lot of my work on the weekends this month. A million blessings from whatever deity happens to be listening on poor Imaginary Boyfriend for putting up with me. Seriously. My weekdays have been taken up by so many things lately, it’s made it so difficult to get anything done. Alright, let’s break it down. Continue reading “Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- February 2018”

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Let’s Celebrate Ladies in 2018!

Updated the hashtags, 3.3.18!

Updated the list, 2.26.18!

Update 2.25.18– I’ve updated the list! And I apologize if anyone was having trouble commenting earlier 😦 I think I’ve fixed the problem, but if you still have issues, you can drop me a message on my Facebook page with your info and I will get you added as quickly as possible!

Credit to Adan Ramie for this great graphic!

International Women’s Day is March 8th, 2018, and I have something very special in the works. For the week of March 4th- March 10th, I thought it would be cool to celebrate all the amazing women authors out there in the world!


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Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- January 2018

Wow, so I 100% completely forgot to blog for this whole month! So…there’s that.


I mean, it’s not like I did a lot in January anyway, but…here we go.

What I’ve Accomplished This Month




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A Reply to “New Blog Feature: Girl Books”

Read the original blog post by Elissa here: New Blog Feature: Girl Books

“We need more books that feature strong, loving, nurturing female protagonists…”

I consider myself a feminist. It took me a while to come to that conclusion, because I have a different viewpoint on feminism than most “traditional” feminists, in that I believe feminism not only means the right to choose to buck traditional gender roles, but also the freedom to choose to embrace those gender roles. My mother is a stay-at-home mom who raised two kids on a farm (one of them home-schooled), and she is one of the most kick-a$$ women I know, despite never having actually kicked anyone’s a$$. She has lived the life that made her happiest, despite the world and “feminists” constantly berating people and labeling her life as the “weak” choice. I can tell you, for a fact, that I don’t have the courage and strength to do what she has done.

We (and by “we” I mostly mean women, though this can apply to anyone that feels forced into a box) are constantly bombarded with the expectation that we must do everything a man does, and if we don’t then we have failed as feminists. I don’t think this is true. I believe we have a duty to live the life that is going to make us happiest. If what makes you happy is kicking the bad guy’s butt and being physically stronger than the average bear, than go for it! You deserve that life! But if your idea of happiness more closely resembles a Jane Austen novel, complete with a handsome man to sweep you off your feet and a beautiful home with tons of little ones running around, then that has just as much value, and it certainly doesn’t make you a bad feminist.

I completely agree that we need more books that don’t portray feminity as the kryptonite of feminism, and I, personally, am looking forward to this series. There is so much more to strength than physical power. Just ask my mom.

Thanks to my friend, Elissa, for standing by her convictions and beliefs! You go, girl! I’m always rooting for you 🙂


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