Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- May 2018

I’m back, baby!


For the first time in over six months, I actually feel good about my writing. It’s been so long…so long…

Anyway, let’s take a look at what happened in May! 😀

What I’ve Accomplished This Month


  • WordKeeperAlpha total- 37,126 words

Look at that chart! Look at it!


Here we go, let’s break it down!

  • Good Intentions (an Age of Ultron fic)– 5 chapters posted


So, there’s been a little bit of pushback because of my choice to combine my two original characters from my previous Marvel fics, but no more than I was expecting. And overall the reviews have been positive! I had no idea people felt so very strongly about Klara! I love it so much! 🙂

You can find what I’ve posted so far on Fanfiction.net and Archive Of Our Own. Feel free to leave a review if you read, my fragile ego will thank you 🙂

  • Broken Parts (a Winter Soldier fanfiction)– 18,843 words



Having an outline has helped me so much with this fic, it’s been so much easier to keep writing, knowing that I have a plan to go back to when I get stuck.

I also feel like I should take the time to plug the new writing software I’ve been using: Dabble. Dabble is a new sponsor of NaNoWriMo, which is how I found it. It’s a baby program, really early days (and so missing a lot of fancy features that I’m anxiously awaiting), but I like it so far. The best feature, by far, is that it’s like a parred down version of Scrivener…but online! Seriously, this one feature has changed my life! And the goals feature is very useful as well, you can pick days you know you won’t be able to write and it will adjust your per-day word goals to coincide with it!

Caveats include: it’s pay-per-month (which I always swore I would never do, but if you are a Camp NaNo winner, it’s only about $5 a month, which I consider reasonable), and while everything is automatically saved to “the cloud”, it’s a software specific cloud (as opposed to Google Drive or Dropbox) and in order to save a hard copy, you have to manually export. This is something that’s supposed to be fixed in the future, but for now, I’m manually exporting and saving my work to Google Drive periodically, just in case. Also, I’m only using Dabble for my fanfiction for now so it won’t be quite so devastating if something happens.

There are other things that need work, but it’s early still in the development process and I’m very happy with what we have so far! I encourage everyone to check it out!

  • Various Prep Projects– 8,765 words

As mentioned above, I found having an outline for “Broken Parts” to be extremely helpful! So I’ve started outlining the rest of the fics I plan to write in this series, in anticipation of finishing them sometime in the next year or so. I’m hoping to finish  “Dark Side Of The Dragon” (my Guardians of the Galaxy fic) for Camp in July, so it was very important that I get that one outlined out. And “Only Forever”…well…it won’t be coming up for a while, but I HAD TO WRITE DOWN MY INFINITY WAR FEELINGS, OKAY?


  • The Travelogue- 4,518 words written

This continues to be insanity. Herein follows a (not-so) brief summary of one of our Pathfinder moments in gif form:












So…there’s that 😛

What’s Coming Up in June


My original plan was to make this an easy month, but instead, I’m going to ride the high of this previous month and keep my WordKeeperAlpha goal at 35,000 words. Here’s the planned breakdown:

  • Good Intentions (Age of Ultron fic)- post 4 chapters

I’m still sticking with one chapter a week for now. I’ve decided that if I finish the first draft of my current fic AND the next fic in July, then I will up my posting schedule to twice a week (I miss-posted this in last month’s blog, sorry!). I want to be far enough ahead that it won’t feel so long between fics. I have four planned out and another three in the planning stages, just in my Marvel series alone, so…I’m a little behind 😛


But I’m hoping to fix that in the next year or so 🙂

  • Broken Parts (a Winter Soldier fanfic)– 25,000 words

I’m putting all of my efforts into this fic now!


Listen, Peggy, as much as I love you, I’m gonna need you to tone down the sass, alright? ;P

I don’t think 25k will get me to the end, but it will at least get me close, which is all I can ask for, really.

Also, gratuitous Bucky gif!



See you guys next month!

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