Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- March 2018

…has it seriously been over a month since I blogged???


Sorry guys. I know that my life sort of fell apart, but that in itself is not incredibly unusual (as long-time readers are probably aware).

Anyway, we’re just gonna jump right in and pretend that’s normal. Okay? Okay.

What I’ve Accomplished This Month

WKA March 18

  • WordKeeperAlpha total- 35,086 words

So, I know the graph looks bad, but look! I made my goal!


Weekend binging is apparently the method of the moment for the second month in a row. Blessings on Imaginary Boyfriend for putting up with me (again). However, the individual goals didn’t work out quite the way I expected. Let’s break it down!

  • Good Intentions (an Age of Ultron fic)– 32 scenes edited (second pass)

So, hilariously, I actually worked too much on this particular project.


I was hoping that I would have 50 scenes left, so I could just work on this for Camp. Instead, I let myself work into a frenzy and sort of…went over my limit. So I made a new plan. And now that plan has gone to hell in a handbasket, so…we’ll see what happens. I still should be ready to start posting this in May! So that’s very exciting!


  • The Sonnet Project (Prep)/Contracted To Bright Eyes (#1)– 530 words

I actually did more work on this than my graph truly depicts. I started going through “Doubt The Stars” (yes, again) making notes about dates, ages, timeline stuff. I got most of the way through the book and have pages and pages of handwritten notes that just haven’t made it into a word processor yet, so haven’t been counted.


I’ll probably get back to it in May. I’m still excited about it and once this bit of prep is worked out, the rest should be a lot easier 🙂

  • The Travelogue- 1,294 words written

Okay, reminder, this is not actually a thing that’s going to be published (and therefore probably shouldn’t be counted), but THIS PATHFINDER GAME. I JUST CANNOT. My writing group does this once a month, and I’ve become the unofficial-official chronicler of our shenanigans, and March was just TOO REAL, OKAY???

A brief summary of one moment in gif form:





Except it wasn’t nearly that funny. I was emotionally compromised, you guys!

Anyway, let’s move on…

What’s Coming Up in April


That’s right, folks, it’s that time of year again! We are almost to the end of the month and my original plan has changed so many times. Too much has happened (personal emergencies that I won’t go into here) for me to truly believe that I can make a typical 50k goal like I normally would. Luckily, Camp is far more forgiving of things like this, so I’m adjusting and adapting even as we speak. Here’s the current version of the plan!

I’ve lowered my overall goal to 45,000 words.

  • Good Intentions (Age of Ultron fic)- edit 42 scenes (second pass)

This will complete the editing of Good Intentions! Which means I can start posting! I’m very excited to finish this, it’s going to be SO GREAT!


  • New words (various projects)– 3,000 words

I started out writing the next story in my Marvel fanfic series, but…eh, it’s just not working out for me right now. And I have so many things going on right now, that honestly, I don’t care where these words go. Short story, novel, new fanfiction?


I’m here for all of it. Let’s make this happen.

Okay, hopefully it won’t be so long until I blog again. Seriously. Come on, Life, give me a break here…please?


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