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Let’s Celebrate Ladies in 2018!

Updated the hashtags, 3.3.18!

Updated the list, 2.26.18!

Update 2.25.18– I’ve updated the list! And I apologize if anyone was having trouble commenting earlier 😦 I think I’ve fixed the problem, but if you still have issues, you can drop me a message on my Facebook page with your info and I will get you added as quickly as possible!

Credit to Adan Ramie for this great graphic!

International Women’s Day is March 8th, 2018, and I have something very special in the works. For the week of March 4th- March 10th, I thought it would be cool to celebrate all the amazing women authors out there in the world!


So, if you are a woman and a writer, drop into the comments (ETA: or message me on FB if you’re having issues!) and leave your name, a description of what you write (and if you’re offering any special deals right now or during the week of March 4th-10th), and links where people can find you or your books (website, Twitter, Amazon page, etc., but please, no more than three links, for the sake of my sanity!), and I will add your to the list below. All I ask in return is that you promote this list in some way: write a blog or Facebook post linking back to this page, post a tweet (use the hashtag #SeeWomenWrite) promoting the list, or just simply retweet some of your fellow authors! The point of this is to support each other, in whatever way we can.


If you are not a woman or a writer, keep an eye on this post and feel free to throw your support at the ladies listed! Buy their books, follow them on Twitter or your social media of choice, retweet the #SeeWomenWrite hashtag, or write your own blog post supporting all the amazing female authors in the world. We’re all in this together and every little bit helps!


(Other hashtags to follow: #InternationalWomensDay #PressforProgress #IWD2018)
And now, let’s introduce THE LADIES!

Emily Selleck (LGBTQ+ sci-fi)

Adan Ramie (lesbian thrillers, romance, and speculative fiction)

Sophia Beaumont (YA urban fantasy)

Rachel Smets (Confidence, Living Abroad Successfully)

Chris Rodriguez (eclectic, horror, children’s)

Lori R. Lopez (horror, speculative, dark fantasy, sci-fi, suspense, poetry)

K.A. Stewart (urban fantasy, fantasy)

Clarissa Johal (paranormal, dark fantasy)

Holly Millward (Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance)

Sharon Ledwith (YA time travel/adventure, YA psychic mysteries)

Chris Pavesic (YA, LitRPG, Steampunk, Mystery, Suspense)

Sharon Bidwell (dark fiction, steampunk, sci-fi (Doctor Who), romance, LGBT)

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