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A Hobbit’s Walking Tale- February 2018

A Hobbit’s Walking Tale by fogisbeautiful

  • Miles Walked This Month (Jan 29th-Feb 25th): 52.8 miles
  • Total Miles Walked: 1,477.8 miles
  • Milestones Reached: Rivendell

“It was on May the First that the two came back at last to the brink of the valley of Rivendell, where stood the Last (or the First) Homely House.”

~The Hobbit, Chapter 19: The Last Stage

We made it back to Rivendell!

We’re so close to being home, you guys! So close! I’m pretty excited 🙂

Anyway, we all know that’s not why you’re reading this blog…so!

Fog’s Cute Animal Of The Month

The cute animal of the month is…


The blue dragon nudibranch! Species name Glaucus atlanticus, aliases include the sea swallow, blue angel, blue glaucus, blue dragon, blue sea slug and blue ocean slug. They’re only about three centimeters long and they have the coolest camouflage! They float on the surface of the water (upside down, hardcore parkour! ;P) so one side is blue to match the color of the ocean from above, and the other side is silver to blend in from underneath!

I gotta be honest though, these little suckers are dangerous af, while also being cute.


Their natural food source is the Portuguese man o’ war, okay? These suckers do not play around! And the reason they’re so dangerous (and you do NOT want to pick one up, okay, just don’t) is that as they are eating the man o’ war, they store the venomous bits in their tendrils, and then concentrate that shit, so it’s even worse! Seriously, these guys are so bad ass, I actually can’t even…


See you guys next time!


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1 thought on “A Hobbit’s Walking Tale- February 2018”

  1. Love that you used the nudibranch this time. Also, is there any other app/directions/game-thing where you get to traipse through a fantasy world as you walk IRL? Like Harry Potter or Captain Iron Man or Doctor Wholove or…. . . .

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