Why Does It Hate Me?

So…  Have you guys ever… had an idea for a fanfiction, and at first you think “Hell yeah, this is gonna be awesome!  I can do this in a month, no problem, probably less, let’s do it, WRITING!!!”

And then you start writing it, and it’s not gonna be very long, two, maybe three chapters, tops and you’re toodling along and thinking “Yeah, this is great, I’ve got this, I’ve got this…”  But then suddenly…

You don’t got this.

You’re OC has changed personalities so many times you’re not even sure you know them anymore, and the beautiful scenes of dialogue you envisioned suddenly fall flat on their asses, and you realize in the dead of night that you don’t even have a title, and then the meltdown starts, and…

And that’s where I am right now.  Please send help.


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