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Okay guys, sorry…

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I’ve been gone FOREVER!  I got a new computer, then I went on vacation (which basically meant I camped out on my couch in my pajamas and marathoned Game of Thrones), and then I went back to work and discovered that our internet privileges have been officially cut off.  And work time = Tumblr time.  So that means I need to get into a new routine, which is really going to suck because me and Change?  Yeah, we don’t get along so good 😛

So, if anyone cares, please bear with me, I’m going through a revamp on my life, so posting and answers to posts might be a bit spotty for a bit.

In other news?  Well, I’m still working on Changing History…

No, I didn’t finish it last month like I thought I would.

Yes, I am a lazy, horrible excuse for a human being.

Yes, I still plan to finish it some time in the near future.

No, of course I’m not working on anything else, why on earth would you ask something like that, why are you being so nosy, god, give me some space, you’re smothering me!!!


So… Yeah… Not dead.  Thought you’d like to know. Carry on! 🙂

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