Book Review: The Fencing Master

The Fencing MasterThe Fencing Master by Arturo Perez-Reverte

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There are a couple of reasons this isn’t getting one star. The first is the writing. I will admit that there were moments that the writing in this book was beautiful and I have to give the author credit where credit is due. The other is my understanding that a lot of my dissatisfaction with the story has to do with the fact that I am not a Spanish native. It is my understanding that this book was written by a native of Spain and translated (quite well, I might add) into English. So the references to Spanish historical events and people that I didn’t understand and therefore found distracting, are probably common knowledge to many Spanish citizens and added to the story for them rather than detracted.
But then we come to the story itself. I didn’t have a problem with the main character, the fencing master. He was, quite frankly, the only interesting, multilayered character in the whole book. I found the other characters (especially the “femme fatale”) to be one dimensional and unbelievable, when I could keep the characters straight that is. The plot was flat and predictable. (view spoiler) The glimpses into the maestro’s past were far more interesting to me than the action happening in “the present” and honestly THAT’S the book I’d like to read 😛
Overall, this book was a chore to get through, but I powered through it because it was short and occasionally had glimmers of hope in the pretty prose and the main character, but these were well overshadowed by the many problems with the plot and other characters. Take from that, what you will 🙂

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NaNoWriMo “Now What?” Update!

  • Week One Progress:  800 words written
  • Week Two Progress:  2000 words written
  • Week Three Progress: …


So… yeah… This has not been going as well as I’d hoped.

I don’t know why I’m having such a terrible time! I can’t even honestly tell you how many words I’ve written this past week, but I can tell you, it’s not enough. I’m going to desperately try to put my nose to the grindstone and get the rest of this first draft finished this week. I can tell you one thing for certain, I WILL be restarting my editing process for Parts One-Three on February 1st, hell or high water, even if I have to continue the writing of Part Four at the same time. I’m hoping it won’t come to that, but realistically, I’m thinking it probably will.


Why, writing muses? Why hast thou all forsaken me?



Regarding My Imminent and Glorious Return…

Hey, everyone I’m back!


What do you mean, I’ve been gone three years? That’s crazy talk! I haven’t…



Okay, so maybe it has been three years. But I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth, I can assure you! So much has changed in the past three years, about me, about my work, about how I feel about my work. It would take days, weeks, possibly even months to explain everything and, if I had to guess, you probably don’t want a super-long post rehashing my life. Which is lucky, because it just so happens that I really don’t want to write a super-long post rehashing my life, so it really works out best for everyone if I just start fresh and let you guys know what’s going on RIGHT NOW.

Okay?  Good!

For the past three years, I’ve been spending a lot of time on tumblr (link goes to my blog there). While I mostly spend my time reblogging and commenting on OTHER people’s stuff, I have on occasion posted my own original thoughts and ideas there as well.  So right now I am currently working on bringing my original posts over to this blog and backdating them, so you can read my thoughts in order without having to dig through thousands of posts that are not particularly relevant or necessary (though if you want a laugh, feel free to dig around in there to your heart’s content :P).  I’m also planning a theme change of some kind (I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked out this theme, why didn’t one of you stop me?), and updating the links in my sidebar, as a few of them are terribly out of date, and I have a couple of new platforms where you can find my stuff, so those links need to be added as well.

Once all of that is accomplished… who knows! I have a couple of ideas that I’d like to blog about (which is why I’m bothering to resurrect this thing in the first place), but as usual, my blogging will most likely be sporadic, though hopefully not “three-years-between-posts” sporadic. I’m hoping to eventually start blogging on a regular basis, but I’m not yet quite sure how that’s going to work. I have a lot of writing things going on right now, but I do want this to become a regular part of my writing life. I have things to say, I swear!

So, anyway, I just thought I would make everyone aware of what’s going on and get myself pumped up for whatever’s next on my writing journey!  I would also like to give a shout out to my friend, Peggy, who’s own blogging journey is what has inspired me to dust off the old blogging skills and give this thing another shot.  Check out her blog,  I’ll also add her to my sidebar under Blogs I Love.



NaNoWriMo “Now What?” Update!

  • Week One Progress:  800 words written
  • Week Two Progress:  2000 words written

So, I meant to do an update on my progress at least once a week, but… yeah… apparently my Week One progress was so lousy that I couldn’t actually make myself face up to it 😛  Week Two was better, but certainly not the kind of progress I was hoping to be making this month.  At this rate, 30k words is looking less and less likely (barring a miracle, which is not to say that it can’t happen, only that it is highly improbable).

I still have hopes of putting a wrap on the first draft of Changing History IV: Search For The Entwives by the end of January, which means that I’ll have February freed up to continue my rewrite of Parts One thru Three, and then be able to really focus on learning the ins and outs of script writing in March to prepare for my very first Script Frenzy in April.  Maybe if I keep reciting the plan over and over, it will make it a reality?  Mind over matter?  The power of positive thinking?  Maybe? 😛

I will be attempting to continue to keep everyone posted.  I know there are several of you who are anxiously awaiting the fruits of this particular labor.  So, I say unto you, do not lose heart!  I promise, I’m still working on it!


January is Officially Here, folks!

And with it comes unrealistic expectations and goals for the New Year, (followed by inevitable disappointment a few months later :P) and NaNoWriMo’s “Now What?” Months!  January and February are the months to commit to editing your NaNo project from the previous year… or to finish your project, if you’re anything like me 😛

So in that spirit, I have committed to finishing the first draft of Changing History: Search for the Entwives in January (I’ve set a goal of 30k words, but I’m hoping it won’t take that many :P) and then finishing my editing of Changing History 1-3 in February.

Here is my Google Calendar I’ve created (using Pacemaker) for word counts and chapter counts in the coming months.

I’m hoping this goes well, and I’ll be able to begin posting the new (and final!) installment of Changing History in June or July.  I know that seems like a long time, but I need to give myself some space from the story before I start editing and I also have some other projects in the works (not to mention I’m trying out Script Frenzy in April, and I’m auditioning for a play this week 😛

Everyone has been so patient with me through this, I cannot tell you how much it means to me.  Hopefully I can make this final installment of the Melomir saga something worth waiting for 🙂