NaNoWriMo “Now What?” Update!

  • Week One Progress:  800 words written
  • Week Two Progress:  2000 words written

So, I meant to do an update on my progress at least once a week, but… yeah… apparently my Week One progress was so lousy that I couldn’t actually make myself face up to it 😛  Week Two was better, but certainly not the kind of progress I was hoping to be making this month.  At this rate, 30k words is looking less and less likely (barring a miracle, which is not to say that it can’t happen, only that it is highly improbable).

I still have hopes of putting a wrap on the first draft of Changing History IV: Search For The Entwives by the end of January, which means that I’ll have February freed up to continue my rewrite of Parts One thru Three, and then be able to really focus on learning the ins and outs of script writing in March to prepare for my very first Script Frenzy in April.  Maybe if I keep reciting the plan over and over, it will make it a reality?  Mind over matter?  The power of positive thinking?  Maybe? 😛

I will be attempting to continue to keep everyone posted.  I know there are several of you who are anxiously awaiting the fruits of this particular labor.  So, I say unto you, do not lose heart!  I promise, I’m still working on it!

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