Alphabet Series Writing Tips – W is for Writing Group

Read this and thought “Yes! Exactly! THIS!!!” I am so grateful for my writing group, for the people who encourage me and who (I hope) I am able to encourage in return. To those in my group who are out there and might be reading this, you will never know how much you guys mean to me. Thank you for being a part of my life 🙂

Author Amanda McCormick

Base Graphic

W is for Writing Group, and it’s something that you should get on to, right this very second! I’ve really had such a positive experience with my writing since I started being more social about it, and I think that it’s really made a huge difference in the amount of words that I get done, as well as the fact that I manage to participate and win NaNoWriMo every year that I try, now that I have a group to hold me steady.

My writing group is a decent size, but there are core people who are always around, who always participate, and who are always there to encourage others to write. It’s so important, in my opinion, to have a writing group. Now, do I mean that it has to be a Skype group like mine? Of course not! Does it have to be a bunch of people? No…

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