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A Hobbit’s Walking Tale- July 2016

A Hobbit’s Walking Tale (Twitter tags: #AHobbitsWalkingTale #byfogisbeautiful)

  • Miles Walked This Month (June 30th-July 25th):  55.5 miles
  • Total Miles Walked:  390.1 miles
  • Milestones Reached: Trollshaws, Ford of Bruinen

“For just at that moment the light came over the hill, and there was a mighty twitter in the branches. William never spoke for he turned to stone as he stooped; and Bert and Tom were stuck like rocks as they looked at him. And there they stand to this day, all alone, unless the birds perch on them…”

~The Hobbit, Chapter 2: Roast Mutton

“One morning they forded a river at a wide shallow place full of the noise of stones and foam. The far bank was steep and slippery. When they got to the top of it, leading their ponies, they saw that the great mountains had marched down very near to them.”

~The Hobbit, Chapter 3: A Short Rest

Well, it wasn’t the worst month I’ve ever had, but it was a near thing. I did, however, manage to walk more than I did last month, which was the goal! We survived Trollshaws (without being squashed to jelly!):


We’ve nearly made it to Rivendell, but not quite, we’re just on the other side of the Ford of Bruinen:


Next month, we’ll meet Lord Elrond and begin our perilous journey into the Misty Mountains, if all goes well!

On a blogging note, you may have noticed that I missed last week’s blog post. This was due to a combination of Camp NaNoWriMo, and the fact that I’m considering switching that particular post to something else. I didn’t have time to get it ready this month, but stay tuned next month for something new and exciting!


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