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A Hobbit’s Walking Tale- May 2017

A Hobbit’s Walking Tale by fogisbeautiful

  • Miles Walked This Month (April 23rd-May 31st):  67.2 miles
  • Total Miles Walked:  981.8 miles
  • Milestones Reached: Desolation of Smaug, Hidden Door, Death of Smaug, Battle of the Five Armies, Lonely Mountain funeral

“They buried Thorin deep beneath the Mountain, and Bard laid the Arkenstone upon his breast.

“‘There let it lie till the Mountain falls!’ he said. ‘May it bring good fortune to all his folk that dwell here after!’ Upon his tomb the Elvenking then laid Orcrist, the elvish sword that had been taken from Thorin in captivity. It is said in songs that it gleamed ever in the dark if foes approached, and the fortress of the dwarves could not be taken by surprise.”

~The Hobbit, Chapter 18: The Return Journey



So… I got a lot further in my walking than I expected to this month! I’m actually on my way home already (What? I just got here!), and the journey back to the Shire is actually a little shorter (you know, because of not getting lOST IN THE FREAKING FOREST! *ahem*) so I should actually be home in… a little over a year? Yeah, that’s a while. We’ll see what happens 🙂

My 30 Day yoga experience is… still ongoing ;P I ended up missing a few days, so I’m playing the catch up game now, but I just finished Day 28 and I can say with confidence that I LOVE yoga! It has been so helpful and made me feel better about myself both physically and mentally. I highly recommend the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene. She’s so positive and motivating and fun. And she really big into “Find What Feels Good” which has been so helpful in building confidence in this new form of physical activity.

See you guys back in Laketown! 😀

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