Have You Hugged A Book Today?- October 2017

Here’s the link to my star rating breakdown if anyone needs a refresher. It’s also up in the header.

  • Books I’ve Finished:
    1. The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson- Five Stars
    2. Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild- Four Stars
    3. Astonishing X-Men, Vol 1: Gifted by Joss Whedon- Four Stars
    4. Daredevil, Volume 1 by Mark Waid- Four Stars
    5. Loki: Agent of Asgard, Vol. 2: I Cannot Tell a Lie by Al Ewing- Three Stars
    6. Spider-Gwen, Vol. 1: Greater Power by Jason Latour- Five Stars

Fog’s Book of the Month

The Golem and the JinniThe Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an interesting case of a book that wasn’t what I was expecting, and STILL managed to take my breath away. It’s hard to say what I was expecting, perhaps something a little more conventionally fantasy. Instead I got a rich world of magical realism, full of beautiful details from a pair of cultures in a time period that I knew almost nothing about before reading this book. It was slower in the action than I was expecting, but the the juxtaposition of the main characters (and the cultures from which they originate) was interesting enough to keep me reading even when there wasn’t all that much happening. The relationships were incredibly complex and moving in all their forms, even if the relationship between the two main characters wasn’t quite what I was expecting it to be. The final confrontation surprised me in that wonderful way that made me feel like I should have seen it coming and was delighted that I hadn’t seen it coming at all. And the culmination of everything was incredibly satisfying, if unexpected.

I highly recommend this book. Really, it’s worth your time.

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And now, for the secret addition to this random blog post…

Fog’s Cute Animal of the Month

This month’s cute animal is courtesy of my day job, because someone came in with one of these and I just cAN NOT EVEN…


The dorkie! A Dachshund/Yorkie cross, I have no other interesting facts to say about this except OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THEIR CUTE LITTLE PUPPY FACES!!!




Look at his Dorkie face!

…you see what I did there? See it?

I’ll see myself out.


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