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A Hobbit’s Walking Tale- January 2018

I know this is quite late, but I should be getting back on schedule again this month. Thank you guys for your patience with me! 🙂

A Hobbit’s Walking Tale by fogisbeautiful

  • Miles Walked This Month (Dec 27th-Jan 28th): 61.2 miles
  • Total Miles Walked: 1,425 miles
  • Milestones Reached: Making our way to Rivendell…

“It was spring, and a fair one with mild weathers and a bright sun, before Bilbo and Gandalf took their leave of Beorn, and though he longed for home Bilbo left with regret, for the flowers of the gardens of Beorn were in springtime no les marvellous than in high summer.”

~The Hobbit, Chapter 18: The Return Journey

Well, while Bilbo and Gandalf might have had the luxury of a long stay at Beorn’s, we’re just gonna dive right in and get started on the last leg of this journey in 2018!


Besides, I don’t care to deal with bees as big as my thumb, thanks very much…

And of course, let us not forget the real reason you all read this blog!

Fog’s Cute Animal Of The Month

The cute animal of the month is…



Highland cattle. Mostly because, lately, I’ve been feeling this emo-vibe on a deep, spiritual level. Seriously.


But the calves are really adorable. Just look at these fluffy little babies of goodness and light:



And sometimes the adults toss the emo-vibe and let the goofiness loose:nzeyc8p


And if that doesn’t make you feel better about your life, I honestly don’t know what will 🙂 See you guys next time!



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