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A Lord Of The Rings fanfiction

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  • Changing History:  Search for the Entwives (Lord of the Rings)

I’ve only been working on this Lord of the Rings series since the dawn of time (FIFTEEN YEARS, HOLY MOLY!), I’m ready to wrap it up and have a nice, clean conclusion for Melody and Boromir 🙂  This is Priority One, since I’ve been promising this final installment to my readers (and myself) for something close to three years now…

A little bit about this particular story (while trying not to be too spoilery)

Meet Melody Bernston…


(FC- Bridget Regan “Legend of the Seeker”)

…a young woman who was plucked from our world and dumped into Middle Earth, with a strange ring that gives her the ability to communicate with trees, shrubs, and other plant life.  She is also called Calenhiril.

And of course, if you know LOTR, this man needs no introduction:


Boromir and Mel have gone through a lot (and I do mean A LOT) together, but despite the fact that pretty much all they want to do is just be left in peace, the Valar have other plans, Yavanna in particular, who brought Mel into this world for a specific purpose that sort of got derailed due to unforeseen circumstances (namely that Mel is something of a hard head and a bit of an LOTR fangirl and just can’t leave well enough alone).

New friends, old friends, one last quest…

One last question…

Whatever happened to the Entwives?

Link to Changing History on Fanfiction.Net

Link to Changing History on Archive Of Our Own (work in progress, chapters posted as revisions are made to the original story)

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