Wrappin’ Up The Month With… Wait, What?

I know what you guys are thinking:


And you’re right, it’s not. For one, it’s too early for March’s wrap up post. And, let’s be honest, how often am I early with anything? ;P For two, you’ll notice a distinct lack of content in this particular post. This is not because I haven’t done anything this month (quite the contrary, actually), but rather because this is more of an… announcement, than an update. There’s going to be a slight change around the blog, and I wanted to make everyone aware.


I’ve enjoyed posting my Monthly Wrap Ups for the past nine months. It’s been nice to have an excuse to look at what I’ve done and either pat myself on the back, or kick my butt into high gear. And it’s been nice to have a regular segment on the blog that I can keep up with. It’s very encouraging. But I am aware (as I’m sure the rest of you are) that it is a little… unwieldy. Honestly, it feels a little bit like this:


And no one wants their blog posts to feel like an unholy contract with the King of Hell. So, I am proposing a small modification. Rather than one long post at the end/beginning of the month that no one wants to try to wade through, I am going to break up each segment of my regular Wrap Up into four separate blog posts. These will be posted once a week, starting in April, and will detail what I’ve been up to in each respective area since the last post of that nature. Hopefully, this will also give me more room to explore each area in more depth, should I choose too, which will be nice. And also keep people from looking like this halfway through my posts:


…I mean, not that this wouldn’t be adorable… You get what I’m saying ;P

So I’ll see you all again in April!


2 thoughts on “Wrappin’ Up The Month With… Wait, What?”

  1. Your gifs always crack me up. I think you’re probably onto something here; people love shorter posts. Good luck with the change!

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