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Rumors Of My Distress Might Not Be As Exaggerated As I Would Like…

So, if anyone actually pays attention to when this blog is updated (irregular as it may be), you may have noticed that I’ve missed a couple of blog posts. Sorry about that. See, there was this guy named Harvey. He came to visit my little corner of the world, andย totally over-stayed his welcome.


He was an asshole. He even trashed my friend’s place, so she and her family had to come stay with me. Five humans, three cats, and a Doberman all cooped up in a one-bedroom apartment for two days without power…


It really wasn’t all that bad. The animals were very well-behaved (as were the humans ;P), and even though the city is essentially an island now, we were able to get supplies and drive within the city limits easily enough. Not ideal, but not unlivable.

And then the water went out.


Yeah, we were about as impressed as Cap. In fact, this was the last straw for Imaginary Boyfriend (who is a lot less imaginary after this debacle, much to his chagrin). He’d been itching to get back to his house since…well, before it even started raining, honestly. And once the water was shut off, the good ol’ Texas boy in him came out, and we were off. So all nine of us, with all of our various accoutrements, loaded up in his four-door Dodge Ram truck and headed out on the road.


We tried to go out to Louisiana first because we heard ONE LANE was open. On a six-lane highway. That didn’t work. So we took a route that was a little less open. But we were in a big-ass truck, so hey:


They were only letting trucks of our size and bigger through, so we forged ahead. I made video, because it was WILD. Here’s the three-minute condensed version of what was an 11-minute ordeal:

We basically forded a river, you guys. It was like the Oregon Trail in real life. Except nobody drowned. Or died of dysentery.


But we made it! And two hours later, we made it to the house! Aaannnd, there was no power there either.


But there was running water (hot! yay, gas water heater!), so we all took showers and had a nice, home-cooked meal courtesy of Imaginary Boyfriend’s folks (who are probably angels in disguise, tbh) and we even got a generator running to a window air unit, so it wasn’t quite so miserable.

And just was we were about to go to bed? The power came on! ๐Ÿ˜€


My friends are fine, a nephew came to collect them today and they have insurance already working, but it will be a while before we know the extent of the damage. I still can’t get back to my apartment (though its on the second story, so everything is fine there), not unless I want to drive two hours around again. I don’t know when I’ll get back. But I have AC, food, water, and my demon-spawn cat safe with me and Imaginary Boyfriend.


So all in all, things are good. It’s just a little crazy around here at the moment. Bear with me and I will try to get back to regularly scheduled posting! ๐Ÿ˜€

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