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“I Heart Lesfic” Mega Sale!


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Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that there’s a major sale going on right now, and “Doubt The Stars” is in it! If you’ve been thinking about grabbing my first book on ebook, you can get it for the next week for only 99¢!

Click the cover to buy wherever fine ebooks are sold!




My friend, Adan Ramie, is in the sale too with several cool books that you should check out, including “Maladaption” which I read and loved!



If you’d like to check out the other books in the sale, just click below. There are like 60 authors in this sale, seriously, it’s insane, you should check it out!

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Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- August 2018


How is everyone doing? I’m pretty great, I think. I made some progress last month, I have a few plans for the coming month(s). Things don’t currently suck 🙂


Let’s take a look!


What I’ve Accomplished This Month




  • WordKeeperAlpha total- 14,539 words

Hey, look at that! I actually exceeded my goal by almost two thousand words!



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