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A Hobbit’s Walking Tale, by fogisbeautiful- March 2016

A Hobbit’s Walking Tale (Twitter tags: #AHobbitsWalkingTale #byfogisbeautiful)

  • Miles Walked This Month (1st-28th)– 65.8 miles
  • Total Miles Walked-  139.4 miles
  • Milestones Reached- Bree, The Forsaken Inn

“Now they had gone on far into the Lone-lands, where there were no people left, no inns, and the roads grew steadily worse.”

~The Hobbit, Chapter 2: Roast Mutton

I didn’t quite make it to the Midgewater Marshes, but that’s mostly because I’m posting this a bit early! I didn’t want to wait until the end of next month to post an update, so here I am, just short of the Marshes and about to catch sight of Weathertop for the first time! I’m quite pleased with my progress and pleased to report that every month I have increased my distance, at least a little bit! We might make it to the Lonely Mountain yet!

A quick view of the current landscape:


Well… that’s depressing. But all the more reason to keep moving forward! 🙂 See you next month!


Wrappin’ Up The Month With… Wait, What?

I know what you guys are thinking:


And you’re right, it’s not. For one, it’s too early for March’s wrap up post. And, let’s be honest, how often am I early with anything? ;P For two, you’ll notice a distinct lack of content in this particular post. This is not because I haven’t done anything this month (quite the contrary, actually), but rather because this is more of an… announcement, than an update. There’s going to be a slight change around the blog, and I wanted to make everyone aware.


I’ve enjoyed posting my Monthly Wrap Ups for the past nine months. It’s been nice to have an excuse to look at what I’ve done and either pat myself on the back, or kick my butt into high gear. And it’s been nice to have a regular segment on the blog that I can keep up with. It’s very encouraging. But I am aware (as I’m sure the rest of you are) that it is a little… unwieldy. Honestly, it feels a little bit like this:


And no one wants their blog posts to feel like an unholy contract with the King of Hell. So, I am proposing a small modification. Rather than one long post at the end/beginning of the month that no one wants to try to wade through, I am going to break up each segment of my regular Wrap Up into four separate blog posts. These will be posted once a week, starting in April, and will detail what I’ve been up to in each respective area since the last post of that nature. Hopefully, this will also give me more room to explore each area in more depth, should I choose too, which will be nice. And also keep people from looking like this halfway through my posts:


…I mean, not that this wouldn’t be adorable… You get what I’m saying ;P

So I’ll see you all again in April!


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Wrappin’ Up The Month With Fog: February Edition


Once More Unto the (Writing) Breach



Part Four (Calenhiril’s Search) will start posting on March 3rd and I’m SO EXCITED!!!


I’m not… technically… finished with the entire first draft of Part Four yet, but I’m far enough along (and I’ve edited the first half enough times in the past year) that I feel pretty confident in my ability to begin posting in March. Of course, I’ll probably only get three or four chapters posted before Camp NaNoWriMo in April, but that will be FOUR CHAPTERS CLOSER TO THE END, OH MY GOD, I CAN’T EVEN!


  • Writing Excuses: “15 minutes long, because you’re in a hurry and we’re not that smart.” If you haven’t listened to this podcast (starring Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells), then you are missing out! My friend, Elissa (who I’ve mentioned on this blog more times than I can count. If you aren’t reading her blog, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU???) mentioned this podcast in a recent post and (surprise, surprise) I had never heard of it. But I had heard of Brandon Sanderson, so I decided to give it a shot. From that very first line, I was sold. I downloaded several episodes through Podcast Republic on my phone, and have been listening to the playlist for days. They make being an author feel like something attainable, something that real, actual people do, and do well. It’s both encouraging, entertaining, and informative, I highly recommend it!

Have You Hugged a Book Today?


I’m still behind, but I’m working on it. No, really! Stop laughing!

Here’s the link to my star rating breakdown if anyone needs a refresher. It’s also up in the header 🙂

  • Books I’ve finished:
    1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster- Three Stars (though, to be fair, I really only skimmed it. I’ll be reading it again in more depth at a later time)
    2. Ms. Marvel Vol. 3: Crushed by Willow G. Wilson- Five Stars
    3. The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss- Five Stars (Patrick Rothfuss is a god amongst men…)
  • What I’m currently reading (In order of Date Started):
    1. The Gunslinger by Stephen KingI finally started this series! I’m hoping to read the whole series this year, but I’m definitely behind, so we’ll have to see.
    2. As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary ElwesThis is the book that my book club has decided to read for March, but I started it early 😉 I came to the Princess Bride later in life, but the story is so timeless and lovely that I fell in love instantly. Cary Elwes tells the tale of his experience making the movie with such wide-eyed wonder and humility, it is a joy to listen to. And the guest appearances from the other members of the cast and crew add delightful flavor to the book.
  • Book to Screen (Twitter live!tag-#fogwatches):
    • Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix- I’m gonna be honest here. This was not as jarringly awful as I thought it was going to be. It was horrendously painful (and god, I hate Umbridge SO MUCH!), but it wasn’t “awful”. There were several wonderful moments, mostly containing Sirius and Remus, and I think I felt more sympathy for Harry in the movie than I did in the book. I mean, he’s still an annoying emo-teen, but I felt a little more sympathetic toward his emo-ness. If you really want all of my feelings, you should check out the live!tag on Twitter (listed above), I’ve been told it was entertaining ;P

#Hashtags and other minutia

Do I Actually Have a Life?

“At first they had passed through hobbit-lands, a wild respectable country inhabited by decent folk, with good roads, an inn or two, and now and then a dwarf or a farmer ambling by on business.”

~The Hobbit, Chapter 2: Roast Mutton

As I suspected, I nearly made it to Bree! I am roughly 11 miles away, as of this writing! I probably could have made it to Bree in fact, if I hadn’t taken a week off from doing nearly anything this month, and then gotten sick in the last week. Oh well, next month! 🙂


I was doing really well, but then I lost my 20 day streak and I sort of… gave in. I’ve done really well though! I got through my review of the first set of lessons and nearly finished the second set, which was exactly what I expected to accomplish 🙂

I also wanted to share some highlights from my lessons with you guys because, quite frankly, this program has been so entertaining, and deserves to be shared with the world ;P

2016-02-05 13.50.50
Why yes. Yes, I am.
2016-02-05 13.51.58
This is unnecessarily frightening. Mostly because it’s true…
2016-02-08 18.34.57
Even my Spanish lesson thinks I should be writing!
2016-02-17 18.40.12
It’s occasionally uncanny how well this program knows me…

“And In Conclusion…”

  • Writing- Begin posting Calenhiril’s Search and start doing the preliminary work for Clarity (my Loki fanfiction, which I will be editing for Camp NaNoWriMo in April!)
  • Reading- I still haven’t managed to fix my audiobook files that I messed up, I’m going to try to do that this month, and then catch up on my reading!
  • Social Media- Don’t forget about Instagram! ;P
  • My Personal Life- Walk to the Midgewater Marshes. Complete 5 more lesson bubbles on Duolingo and reach level 7 (nearly level 8).

And… that’s it! This has been an exciting month, hopefully the momentum will continue!