Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- July 2017


Two Camp wins in a row, baby! I am on fire!


…okay, not literally on fire. Obviously. ;P Let’s get on with this.

What I’ve Accomplished This Month


Oh my goodness, I did SO MUCH last month. Let’s break it down!

It is finished!


It’s so painful, I love every word of it! 😀 And it didn’t take me nearly the amount of words I thought it might take to finish up. Which meant I had plenty of time to work on…

  • FFBS (the DBTT Sequel Which Shall Not Be Named (yet))- 35,452 words written

I finished this too!


This needs far more editing than the last few chapters of DBTT, but I’m pretty happy with it, all in all. Many things get wrapped up with a nice little bow and there are a couple surprising cameo appearances that were tons of fun to write in. I’m not saying this is the last I will write in this universe (I had originally planned for a Lord of the Rings spin-off), but for now I’m satisfied enough to let it lie for the remainder of the year and work on some other things that have taken a back burner.

  • Doubt The Stars- 546 words

I know, this probably looks weird. New words? What are you doing, Em? Well, I heard back from the content editor and that was basically what she said. More words! Which is SO MUCH HARDER than you would think it would be.


So this was my feeble attempt. It’s an ongoing process.

  • Broken Parts (A Winter Soldier fanfic)– 805 words

What? “Broken Parts”? What the f*ck is this?


So, now that DBTT is basically finished, I needed to start something new, but not something too stressful (like an actual original novel, eep!). So, I’m starting the next fic in my Marvel line-up. Because, you know, Marvel owns my soul.


I’m very excited about this one, my original character is an auto mechanic who loves 80s music! Yay, music! Plus, I’m involving a young child in a semi-major capacity for the first time, the niece of my character, which is going to be an experience. And there’s all sorts of awesome backstory that comes out about my character and her parents and even her grandparents! It’s set almost immediately following the events of CA: Winter Soldier, in a little fictional town called Scottsfield, KS, and I have the storyline planned out all the way through Civil War. I haven’t yet decided if it will be split into two stories or remain one continuous narrative, we’ll see what happens 🙂 But this isn’t going to be something I stress too much about, just something to work on during downtime at the day job.

If you want to see some inspiration for this fic you can check out my Pinterest board:

Or you can listen to my Spotify playlist!

What’s Coming Up in August

I’m trying something a little different this month. I looked back on the last seven months and set myself a goal of hitting 35k total production for the month on Wordkeeper Alpha. I’ve split that up into goals for each of my projects this month, but if I make the overall production goal, I can feel like I’ve at least accomplished the minimum 🙂

  • Doubt The Stars– Finish content edits, send to copy editor, and… COVER REVEAL!


That’s right! I HAVE A COVER! Look for that to be revealed to the world next week! I’ve been working with Ash K. Alexander, and she’s really done a superb job, not just on the design, but also just dealing with my n00b-ness in general. She’s really great, if you need a cover I highly recommend you check her out!

I’m back to a weekly posting schedule!


I’m already well on my way to breaking the hearts of LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE READER, which of course is always the goal 😉 The sequel is quite short, so I should be finished before November. So much pain in so few words…



  • Broken Parts (Winter Soldier fic)– write 16,500 words

This number comes from my 35k goal, and it’s very doable. Only about 500 words a day, which is an easy goal that should be fairly simple to keep track of, even if I only work on it during down time at the day job. Like I said, I’m not stressing about this story too much. I wasn’t even planning to start it until next year, so any work I do on it this year is really just gravy!


And now, the real reason you all read this blog:

Fog’s Cute Animal of the Month


The colugo! Also called the “flying lemur” (though they aren’t actually true lemurs), they are the most capable of the gliding mammals. Though, they are a little more creepy-looking in flight…


…but let’s not think about that! Look at these cutie faces instead!


And look, baby!




And this one just looks pleased to see you!


See you guys next time!

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