Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- November 2017

First things first, I know I missed my Hobbit walking post this past month. But I have a lot of things going on in the writing sphere right now and I want to discuss them, so we’ll do the walking blog next week 🙂


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Okay! Now we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s get into what went down this month.

What I’ve Accomplished This Month



I’m gonna pull an Adan Ramie: So, what happened was…my writing group convinced me that all the proofreading and formatting and stuff I did in November totally counted for my NaNo word count. Call me a cheater if you want, but I had a rough month and goddamnit I feel like I deserve this!


  • Doubt The Stars (Shakespeare In Space #1)- finished!

Yeah, I know, we talked about this, but goddammit:


I finished the proofreads and the formatting and got everything uploaded in time for the release date! And I actually sold books! I just can’t believe this really happened. I can’t believe it.


I’m still working on the paperback, so keep an eye out for that in the next week or so. I’m also looking into a way to make signed copies a thing, so…stay tuned!

  • Such Stuff As Dreams (Shakespeare In Space #2)- 31,166 words written, first draft finished(?)

If you recall from my post last month, this was my NaNoWriMo project for November. I was supposed to write at least 50,000 words on the project and finish the first draft. About halfway through the month, I realized there was a problem: I was three-quarters of the way through my outline, and only at about 20,000 words.


Yeah, that math didn’t add up for me either. I’m not sure what happened, but I finished the “first draft” of this novel at a little over 31k. I think I know partially where I might have gone astray, but quite frankly I don’t currently have the brain power to tackle the problem right now. So I’m letting the thoughts percolate, and I’m going to attack this thing again in January. It’s going to be interesting watching me flail through this in 2018…


So, when I discovered that I wasn’t going to make my word count on my NaNo novel, I sort of despaired. I’d had a pretty cruddy month anyway, and by Week Three I had pretty much given up on winning NaNoWriMo this year. It was painful, but I was willing to bear it and take my tiny first draft as a small consolation prize.


But then my crazy frickin’ writing group somehow convinced me that I could still make the 50k! It was insane, but on the last day I pulled myself together and decided to make one last valiant effort. So once I finished “Such Stuff As Dreams”, I pulled out the next thing on my list to finish and I finished it!


Thanks, Chuck. So now I have the first draft of the epilogue for FFBS finished and ready to be gone through for posting. But, of course, this still didn’t get me to 50k. Which moves us nicely into:

  • Broken Parts (Winter Soldier fic)- 5,299 words written

Once I got into the groove again, it was actually pretty easy to pick up the next fic in my line-up and just get to wording. I had been working on my Marvel universe fics a little bit over the course of the month anyway because of…you know…


So, it wasn’t such a hardship to jump back into my Bucky fanfic. And I’m actually very excited to have gotten some words done on this sucker because I keep falling farther and farther behind on my Marvel fics.


I’m so slow! But I’m planning to focus more on this in 2018, so hopefully I can get caught up a little before the ENTIRETY OF EVERYTHING IS DESTROYED BY THIS ASSHOLE:


No one likes you, Thanos. Literally no one.


What’s Coming Up in December

December is generally my rest month, but I’m trying something a little different this year, and in 2018. For my “rest months”, I’m just going to set a relatively small goal of 10,000 words worth of work in my WordKeeperAlpha. That way I’m still getting stuff done, but I’m not trying to kill myself with it. I feel pretty good about it and I already have a plan. Let’s jump right in!

  • Doubt The Stars- Finish the paperback and make signed copies available.

I’m not even counting this in my 10k, because it really is almost finished. I need to make a few little final touches and then I can focus fully on finishing Book #2. If you’re not already on my mailing list, you should sign up to be the first to know when you can order a signed copy!


  • Good Intentions (Age of Ultron fic)- first pass, edit five scenes

This is the first half of my goal for December. It’s not much, but at least it’s a start, and I’m so far behind on this that I’m honestly happy with any progress at this point.

  • Broken Parts (Winter Soldier fic)- write 5,000 words

The second half of my December goal. This is another strategy I’m trying to implement for 2018, always working on one first draft and one editing project. We’ll see how it works out.

This is extra, but I really would like to be finished with this by the end of the year so I can start fresh.

  • Finalize plans for 2018

I’ve already started this, but as usual, my NaNoWriMo results have thrown a wrench in those plans. I’ll have more details in the New Year, but for now my plan is to focus on “Such Stuff As Dreams” and my Marvel universe fics.

And now, for some disappointing news:

Fog’s Cute Animal of the Month

This section is officially moving! My writing blog is getting to be a very long, slightly unwieldy, thing and it’s time to trim down a bit. But don’t worry! This month, we’re going to test out leaving Fog’s Cute Animal on the monthly reading blog post, “Have You Hugged A Book Today?”. No guarantee that’s where it will stay, but rest assured your monthly dose of adorable will still be delivered!

2 thoughts on “Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- November 2017”

  1. Hi! So exited for you about your book! I was just wondering if you plan to write a sequel for your fic Clarity? It’s my favorite from the ones you’ve written 🙂

    1. Hi! Thank you so much, I’m very excited too. “Good Intentions” is meant to be the sequel to Clarity, set during Age of Ultron. The first draft is done, I’ve just been having trouble finding time for the editing phase 🙂 But I am definitely planning to have it out in 2018, and hopefully be working on a couple other Marvel fics too 🙂 Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned Klara, she’s one of my favorites too 🙂

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