Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- September 2017

Let’s start this blog post out with a pictorial depiction of my month:


Right. Now that we’ve established that

What I’ve Accomplished This Month



Apparently, even taking into account that Harvey is an asshole and my out-of-town shenanigans, my goal of 25k words for September was just too much. I almost made 20k, which I could have been happy with, but I just lost my drive last week, so…yeah.

Let’s break down what I have done:

  • Doubt The Stars- Copy edits complete, waiting for proofread

Okay, we’re talking about this first because, you guys, THE COPY EDITOR LOVED MY BOOK!!!


I mean, there were plenty of changes that needed to be made, but overall she LOVED IT! She wrote me the absolute nicest email ever, I nearly cried. And her changes were so helpful, it’s just been a fantastic experience.

I’m waiting right now for the proofreader. I’m still not entirely sure I’m going to make an October 31st publishing deadline. It might be closer to November 15th. But here’s the deal, there’s a button up on top of the blog now. There on the right. No, your other right. It’s labeled “Subscribe for Book Updates!”. You see it? Awesome, if you click that button you can sign up for the latest and greatest info on the book! You will know things when I know things, and you won’t have to wait for a blog update!


I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow made up the chapters I had missed. Which is awesome. But I seriously don’t know how I managed it.


If you are reading this fic, I would just like to say…#sorrynotsorry. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better ;P

  • Good Intentions (Age of Ultron fic): First pass edit, 12 scenes (out of 99)

This is where I really failed. I could have done better. But I didn’t. I just couldn’t make myself push my limits this month. I think I might be experiencing my yearly burn-out a little early this year (which is going to suck in November if I don’t get it together!).


I’m going to keep working on it, but because of this fail, things are a little…iffy. See below.

What’s Coming Up in October

Since last month was such a disaster (and this month doesn’t appear to be doing any better), I’m going to just keep my monthly goal at 25k for now. Sure it’s low, but right now, it feels more doable. Let’s get it broken down.

  • Doubt The Stars– Send manuscript to proofreader. Work on formatting and business-y things.

I am, once again, at the mercy of the editors. I’ve pretty much given up on my end of October deadline, and am now shooting for end of November. Earlier if I can do it, but there’s still a lot of things to do once I get the proofreader’s copy back. I’m going to start working on formatting what I have, and playing around with links and things like that, but this is kind of a strange limbo I’m living in right now. I’m only freaking out a little bit.


  • Such Stuff As Dreams (NaNo 2017)– Outline (~5k words)


We’re back, baby! Another year, another National Novel Writing Month! This year’s novel is the second in the Shakespeare in Space series, a sort of a sequel to Doubt the Stars. It’s set in the same universe, roughly a year later, but with almost a completely new cast of characters (except for one or two recurring roles). Here’s what I have so far for the blurb:

On a large asteroid, floating in the midst of the Akdeniz Rotation, there is a woman. Abandoned by everyone she knew and trusted, dedicated to a research that held no discernible profit, and left to continue alone despite all evidence that there is nothing to be gained from it. And now, there is also a boy, unaware of the greater universe of which he has never been a part, interested only in the life that he has always known and loved.

But there is a storm coming. Everything is about to change. And no one on the Lady Fortuna is ready for what they’re going to find on The Island.


It’s the Tempest in Space, ya’ll! I have so many exciting twists planned, it’s going to be AH-MAZING!

If I stay on schedule, I should be completely done with this by the end of October! Since this is literally the only thing going right so far, it’s probably going to crash and burn this month.


  • Good Intentions (Age of Ultron fic)– First pass edit 20 scenes

This is…a weird experience for me. So, every other time I’ve used my particular editing method, I’ve done it in a frenzy, usually over the course of one to two months. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not going to happen for this fic. I’m not even gonna be able to finish the first pass before November.


So I’m in a weird place. On the one hand, continuing with this seems a bit futile, since I’m just going to have to put it aside again come November. On the other hand, I REALLY WANT TO FINISH THIS STORY! So I’m just going to continue to do my best with it and see what happens. That’s all I feel I can do at this point.

Okay, I know you guys are all going to be looking for Fog’s Cute Animal of the Month  here, but I’ve…sort of run out of time. So I’m going to post this blog right now, as is, and you can look for the Cute Animal to pop up in a different blog later in the month!




See you next time!

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